Voting Update
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Hey everyone,

We understood that previously voting was boring, repetitive and didn't worthy reward.
This update gives you more freedom on what you can get from voting and will reward dedicated players who votes daily.

Rewards from the milestones (/votes rewards) will be applied automatically.

Vote top Changes:

We are changing how we reward players for voting everyday for a whole month.
Previously we rewarded players with store vouchers but after the first month they effectively become useless.

Future supporters who reach the vote top leaderboard will be rewarded with:
» Vote tokens
» Specialised Vote top Tag
Rewards will be different depending on the player's placement on the leaderboard

We will continue to update the token shop with limited items, tags and ranks
Be sure to check regularly for changes

Vote Milestones
Vote milestones are rewards that can be earned per user, you can check your progress using "/votes"
and check your upcoming rewards with "/votes rewards"

Thank you <3
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