Skyblock reset
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Skyblock reset
Maybe its a good idea to reset skyblock because its getting a bit boring because all you have to do is sell gold/emerald and buy new spawners (in my eyes).
so maybe its cool to reset skyblock so its back to grinding for first spawners and that because it isnt hard to get money now.

i dont know what you think about it ;)


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Hey @LarsBDW we have already started working on the reset however, it is not likely to happen for a while as we have to rework nearly every feature to incorporate new features and make sure that the server can handle high amounts of players without performance issues.

From my message on discord regarding the reset:
the reset won't be happening for a while as it is going to take time to create as we are reworking nearly every system which will allow us to add new features that were previously unfeasible to do on our current setup (e.g 1.15+ items, no hopper limits, multiple islands, per player permission etc).

Unfortunately for us to implement this new system it requires us to rework how we store islands meaning your current progress can't transfer to the next season. However, this does not mean your current progress will be lost indefinitely, you will still be able to access for a while after the reset has released but will be separate to the 2nd seasons islands. We will release more information on how you can access your old island when we get near to the reset.

In the mean time You shouldn't worry about the reset we will give you plenty of warning and chance to give us feedback and suggestions on skyblock before it happens and will also have a beta period before the server officially releases.

But before that all happens we have dozens of updates to skyblock and survival that we have prepared and will be coming out soon™️