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Find The Button Event

For the map, I would suggest asking people to volunteer in building it to give people a chance to prove themself helpful and they want to help LegendMC with something big.
I recommend a mini-game that people love but that takes a while to complete such as find a button with a lot of buttons and to find some buttons you need to do some parkour and to find all buttons you have to go through 3 levels, the beginning, maturity, and finally the fight, in the beginning, it starts on medium level and the level goes up in maturity then at the fight you have to find the buttons whilst fighting custom mobs such as modified zombies and you can fight with 2 weapons, an unbreakable golden sword with sharpness 1 and an iron axe with sharpness 2.
The Beginning = 35 buttons
Maturity = 55 buttons
The Fight = 65 buttons


Skyblock Pets

Pets would be a great addition to skyblock. Pets are kind of like CEs, Some pets can heal you at random times, feed you at random times, repair your items at random times, they can block damage sometimes and more features!


Gifting would also be a great addition to SkyBlock! Players can wrap up gifts to a size of a double chest and then they can proceed then the gift will be locked and un-editable, Kinda like signed books! Players can also rename the gift by doing /gift rename <oldname> <newname> and in order to create a gift they can do /gift <name> and to prevent it being used as a private vault, It will automatically lock the gift after 3 hours of the gift's creation. Players can manually lock the gift by doing /gift lock <giftname> and then they can send the gift by doing /gift send <giftname> <username> and the gift has to be locked in order to send it.


Players can create new reminders by doing /reminder set <name> <duration> <description> for example if someone does /reminder set test 5h check up on cactus farm they will get notified in 5 hours saying something like:
check up on cactus farm

It will also play a sound such as a skeleton being hit or an enderman sound or just any sound but I do not recommend the silverfish sound since the message system already claimed that one, To prevent players from not abusing the system by sending too many packets, there's a 5 minute cooldown to creating reminders and reminder durations cant be close to another reminder's radius by about 5-10 minutes.

All servers

Friend System

I personally think that a friend system would be a good addition too and it works like for example a friend leaves but the leave message cooldown is still on so it wont show that they left but with the friends system it will show when your friends join or leave without cooldown since there is a cooldown to the public join/leave messages that everyone can see. People can friend other people by doing /friend <username> and unfriend by /unfriend <username>

Party System

Similar to the friend system, It will notify whenever a party member leaves and if they leave and don't come back within 5-10 minutes they will be kicked out of the party. There will also be a party chat where they can send messages in it by doing /pc <message> or if they don't want to put /pc before every message they can do /pct to toggle the party chat so whatever message they send will be sent in the party chat until they do /pct again. The party system also includes a warping function, So if the party leader or manager does /p warp all party members will be teleported to the world/server the command has been executed in.
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