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Ideas for skyblock 2.0
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skyblcock 2.0
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skyblock 2.0

Hello this is just something
Ideas for skyblock 2.0 May you add custom rank's on skyblock 2.0 for example after skyblock 2.0 the first update is like a custom rank update so The player would do /Rank and click the last thing and it would make you type the rank you would like so like in red or blue or rainbow anything but here are the rules: you need to vote 20 times, you must have 15 days playtime in skyblock 1.0 and 15 days in skyblock 2.0 or more this is just a idea(edited)

The next idea i have for the next update for skyblock 2.0 may you add slimefun if no then could you guy's /riverforce & swervv/ add enchanted items If you don't know what that is it's basicly more inventory space for farming so if i were to make a cobble generator thats 50x50 and mine it with a vein other idea of a mod pickaxe it would give me 2 ultra cobblestone's and you could go to spawn to trade it for normal cobble or enchaned

Again a other idea Would you make it so the'res skill's like fighting level XXX5 = 66% more damage on swords

I understand if these don't get accepted but these are just to hype it more for skyblock 2.0 and get more people in