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Bugs as of May 22 2021
This is bug list of bugs that have been observed starting from the very first day 05/05/2020
The original bug list was a collabaration between BigMoneyVerluste members (mikapur, axelox) and myself, this contains updated info, and dates where applicable.

Redstone Bugs
1. Entities cannot be pushed without a large risk for clearing
Pushing something like armor stands, minecarts etc. almost 100% of the time doesn't work, if you try to do it into another block/entity

2. Timings can still be inaccurate making many redstone designs fail as timings need to be completely changed

3. Observers can miss updates if tps is low enough

4. Redstone loops easily fail and die after lag happens, try it yourself, place 4 repeaters in a circular motion with redstone or blocks connecting them, then just use a button or torch to set it off, wait an hour and it could easily be broken

5. Piston's pushing items using slime/honey blocks can create an extremely weird bug where the pistons extend but also don't extend, was in one of my previous reports, I could probably find it
- Only fix is to mine each individual piston as the piston just essentially becomes dead, redstone pulses do nothing
Mechanic Bugs
1. Minecarts still get thrown off rails, simple as that, also get cleared

2. Armor stands can't fall unless pushed by a piston, even then its likely it'll clear itself
- Understandable for falling to prevent lag machines but you should at least allow pushing by a piston

3. Spawning still seems to be messed up mobs can spawn in places they shouldn't, eg light levels are too high yet they still spawn vice versa

4. Spawning ring is extremely off mobs are observed to spawn around 24-100 rather then the default 16-128 (I believe this is the default correct if wrong)

5. Ender pearls, seems stupid to disable it when all you have to do is turn off the projectile flag unless that doesn't fix epearls which it should...
- Originally disabled to prevent tping through walls

6. So many farms are essentially disabled since mobs aren't attracted to certain items, example pigman turtle eggs, enderman and endermites

7. Mobs need an ai fix as all old chunks that were loaded don't have a single mob with braincells

8. Old ig farms are dead, have no idea why, mechanics should remain the same, I've literally built over 50 of them and not a single one works as of now even with replaced villagers
Misc/Other Bugs
1. Flying with a multitool still has many bugs with anticheat

2. Slimefun still largely disabled
- Sucks for new players when they use almost impossible to get exp to waste 30-50 to unlock items not even craftable

3. Chests aren't able to me mined randomly as they sometimes just reappear and don't do anything
- You have to wait for a few seconds or mine other chests before mining that one chest

4. A lot of flags are disabled, some obvious like no moving as it seems to glitch out the player making them immobile and unable to go anywhere unless you tp
- 2 flags, item dropping and item pickup should be re-enabled, or grouped (players can't drop or pickup items when enabling one flag) I don't see why it has to be disabled

5. Slimefun items need disabling/enabling
  • Pvp is ruined by vampire sword and splints, these items literally don't allow you to die no matter what so long as they hit you 4 times that's easily 10 hearts of health splints make this worse
  • Double prot armors obtained through using talismans to add extra enchants should be reallowed, it used to be a easy thing to get because of the abundance of exp but that's since been fixed
- TLDR reenable double prot because exp is relatively harder to get

6. Chat filter needs to be fixed, the amount of times its been completely inaccurate is just annoying it doesn't even seem to go away even after 10+ msgs

7. Res plugin is also pretty bad, why does it let other plugins grief :L

8. New worlds was a fine idea just it was executed horribly only a few players had that kind of money and few players still do, in addition residences shouldn't be able to made there nor should tps, it should just be a simple resource world where you can mine and place blocks

9. Shop has not had any new items except a bee egg since it started last year in may 5 2020

10. Rules are extremely vague on parts leaving grey areas, why not just be clear :L
  • Example griefing
  • Fix rules stating how exactly tp killing works
- Eg tping and after a minute of godmode you get killed and how that doesn't count as a tp kill

11. Fix exp, so many keys are wasted in key crates as they literally don't do anything

12. Crates still need to be updated, ores are basically useless, eggs are also basically useless as spawners can't be changed for me at least unless this is another bug

13. Mob ai from spawners should be enabled it would add more functionality for things like villagers, horses etc
- Villager Spawners should be a thing, they still can't plant or grow crops and it still takes a lot of items to trade :L
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Has been spoken about on discord, to sum the talk up:
a lot of the bugs are going to be fixed with the new update (we are doing alot of new bug fixes)

  • some of the redstone ones can't really be fixed: 1 & 5 (potentially would need to look/see ss of this) will be fixed
  • most of the mechanic bugs will be fixed: 5 might be the only one that is unchanged
  • misc ones: 2,3 (need to look into with the recording), 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12 will most likely be fixed (i don't see any reason why they won't) 13 won't but spawner chaning via eggs might return the others would need more info on (e.g chat filter, can you send ss/explain what is wrong with it)