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Survival Updates

We are aware survival has not received as much love as it needs. We apologise for the lack of updates, we have not been able to make as many due to having exams which limited our time to the development of skyblock 2.0. Fortunately exams have finished πŸŽ‰ so we can restart work on all gamemodes

Survival will be updating to 1.17 as soon as a stable version for servers has been released. This can usually takes between 1 to 3 weeks to be publicly available.

Slimefun Cargo Management
Yes you read that right, we have worked hard on optimizing slimefun's cargo management for stable use. As part of these updates we will be giving access to the beta of the optimized cargo system

Economy Rework
Survivals economy will be undergoing a complete rework. After gathering feedback from you, we will be improving manual farming as well as limiting (not nerfing) automatic farms. This is to rebalance automatic farming and manual farming so players who prefer manual farming are not left behind economically (this can also be seen in the rework of the jobs see below)

Job + Quest Rework
Jobs + Quests will be undergoing a complete rework, the current jobs are going to be replaced with the previous job types (accountant, builder, explorer, hunter, farmer, lumberjack, miner) however these jobs will be receiving brand new skills and quests that can be completed within a reasonable time this time πŸ‘€

Shop Update
The Shop will be receiving an update adding in more items that are available in 1.16 and 1.17 upon release​
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