Skyblock 2.0 Development Update
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Hey Legends,
Our initial aim for Skyblock 2.0 was to create a perfected remake of skyblock. I am pleased to announce that we are reaching completion for this goal!

What version will skyblock 2.0 be?
Whilst everyone was busy participating in the oneblock skyblock event, we were busy collecting crucial data for skyblock 2.0. Initially we aimed to create skyblock 2.0 on the native version of 1.16 however, using the data collected we have led to the conclusion that the benefits are not worth the game breaking optimizations that would need to be made to make gameplay smooth.
As a result, we have already reverted this change back to the original version of 1.12.
1.8-1.16+ will still be able to access the server.

As part of skyblock 2.0 we have fully redesigned the boss fights. This newly designed system is specifically engineered to provide uniqueness to every boss fight; no two boss fights will be the same, each providing its own unique battle. In the process of redesigning this system we have removed all existing bugs from the current system.

As part of skyblock 2.0 Crates have received a complete redesign to incorporate a scalable model. As a result of this change the infamous basic, rare and legendary crates have been retired in place for the new crate system.

Mines will be receiving a complete design overhaul. despite these changes, the functionality of the mines will remain faithful to the current one.

More updates coming soon

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