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    Spawner Upgrades | Skyblock

    Spawners can be upgraded, each tier of spawner will spawn a new tier of mob. Higher tier mobs will drop better loot. How to upgrade? #1 Place a spawner #2 While holding shift, right-click the spawner #3 Click the upgrades menu #4 You can now click to upgrade the spawn What upgrades are there?
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    I need help please. Im totally new to minecraft multiplayer

    Hey @ddaniel another person has probably registered that account name on the server. Please change your name and try connecting again.
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    Dynamic tags in islands

    As of right now the default name tag is: 1st line: island info (level + position on /is top) 2nd line player info (rank + name) 3rd line tag the 2nd line with player info stays constant basically everywhere with the other lines being swapped for stuff like health (pvp), blocks mined (mines) etc
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    Important Skyblock 2.0 Change Log

    With Skyblock 2.0 getting ever closer (release 1st may [email protected] 12:00AM uk time) here are a few details of the upcoming features and notable changes: General: Spawn: Mines: PvP: Crates: Shop: Islands: Collectors: Ranks: Bug Fixes: Quality of Life improvements...
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    Important Skyblock 2.0 Development Update

    Hey Legends, Our initial aim for Skyblock 2.0 was to create a perfected remake of skyblock. I am pleased to announce that we are reaching completion for this goal! What version will skyblock 2.0 be? Whilst everyone was busy participating in the oneblock skyblock event, we were busy collecting...
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    shortcut for workbench command

    My bad, I have added the shortcut now
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    Hey @DaniMaker1999 while holding the items you want to sell perform /ah sell <price> with no formatting (currency symbols and separators like "," and ".")
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    Anti Pvp Griefers

    Hey @ben_z_13 thank you for the suggestion, we already had plans for implementing the godmode cooldown for teleporting to residences with the pvp flag enabled however we will consider your suggestion to disable pvp in unclaimed areas. Thank you
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    shortcut for workbench command

    Hey @Demorgen /wb is already an alias for /workbench on survival
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    Sell suggestion

    What do you mean by "You can bind spawners and drops from them to a chest"? The rest sounds cool though
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    Important Oneblock Skyblock Event - Event Ended

    Spawn on an island with the only way to obtain new resources being the block generator that is located at the centre of your island. Progress through different biome phases of the generator to unlock new blocks and mobs to increase your islands worth. Islands at the top of the leaderboard at...
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    Hey @Warrior_Mitul please join our discord server and create a ticket ->...

    Hey @Warrior_Mitul please join our discord server and create a ticket -> https://discord.legendsmc.net/
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    IP blacklisted for a stupid reason

    Hey @WillDaster we do not allow VPNs on the server. Turn off your VPN and you will be able to connect.
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    Hey @Mclaren_Boy_Ozzy as per our requirements you need to have at least 6days playtime as of writing this you have 5.3 days (5.3 on skyblock and 2 minutes on survival)
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    Hey @AbgegrieftHD you can apply for the youtuber rank here -> legendsmc.net/apply

    Hey @AbgegrieftHD you can apply for the youtuber rank here -> legendsmc.net/apply
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    Hey @cryptin please join our discord for assistance with passwords -> https://discord.legendsmc.net
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    Two Factor Authentication Guide

    Enabling Two Factor Authentication Connect to the server (play.legendsmc.net) Type the command /2fa, you will receive a message similar to: Copy the key to a safe place, if you lose this key you will lose access to your account. Set up Google Authenticator On your device, install the...
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    Despawn (entity clearing?) countdown warning.

    You are correct, we do not have any scheduled entity clear nor have we ever had one on survival @joepoe1997 it is likely that the items are being removed because you have too many (not including stacked items) on the floor, if this is the case they are cleared earlier than the vanilla/normal period
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    Hey @iamniceithink what is your in-game name? It is likely that you are being kicked because...

    Hey @iamniceithink what is your in-game name? It is likely that you are being kicked because you are doing something you shouldn't and/or your connection to the server is not stable. If you are receiving the "you are already connected to the server" message wait a few minutes before...