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1) Respect all players
We want the server to be a safe space for players to come to and forget any trouble they might have (no you can't use this as an excuse to get out of doing homework).
To achieve this we need all players to communicate and interact with each other respectfully.

We encourage players to cooperate and compete with each other to improve the community, never to lessen the experience of other players/ groups
You can respect by not doing the following:

• Overuse of bad language - keep swearing to a minimum
• Leaking personal information without consent (often referred to as "doxxing")
• Advertising - You may only share links related/owned by LegendsMC (Discord, Forum, YouTube)
• Spamming - Sending the same or similar messages repeatedly
• Bypassing the chat filter - countdowns are allowed providing less than 3 messages are sent
• Promoting/discussing Self harm, violence, negative experiences
• Griefing/trolling players
• Insulting players
• False claims/allegations towards another player
• Our Forum
• Discord

Typical punishments: 3 hour mute » 1 day mute » 7 day mute

2) Cheating and exploiting
We want players to have the best experience possible while on the server. To maintain this standard we require that all players have the same advantages and disadvantages.
This cannot be met with Cheats, exploits or some client modifications.
A cheat is a modification to a players client which can give a competitive advantage over other players. Some examples of cheats can be: Reach, Speed

You should not use anything that can:
• Disrupt other players game play
• Gives you a competitive advantage over other players
• Auto clicker/macros (alternative clicking methods such as using 2 click states, 2 or more buttons that are able to send hits, will be punished appropriately. Jitter clicking and butterfly clicking are allowed but not recommended)
• Exploiting
• Trap players (e.g tp trapping/island trapping)
You are allowed to use any modification that will alter the cosmetic appearance of your client.

You can use:
• Brightness/gamma booster
• Performance enhancing mods (e.g FPS booster)
• Aesthetic modifications (e.g texture packs, shaders)
• HUD modification (e.g armour/tools/minimaps*)

*minimaps that show locations of players/entities are not allowed.
How can I report players/groups?
• Our Forum
• Discord

Typical punishments: 7 day ban » 14 day ban » permanent ban

3) Scamming
A scam is a transaction between players that will heavily benefit a single party in the trade without the other realising until it is too late.
While scamming is not recommended we allow users to create scams. Scamming can motivate a toxic environment throughout the server which is why we have implemented rules which players must follow (see below).
We require that all scams must allow for any victim to identify that the trade is not legitimate, this does not mean that you have to advertise scams

You may not scam a player of any of the following:
• Their account
• Items bought with real life money
• Items from the store
• A player's claim (island/residence) or any of its contents
• Renamed items (e.g renamed spawners)

You may scam by:
• Selling items at a higher price than usual
• Our Forum
• Discord

Typical punishments: 3 day ban » 15 day ban » permanent ban

4) Account Security and safety
Once you have registered an account we take all precautions possible to ensure that information stored on our systems are as safe as possible.
To ensure that this standard is maintained across the board we require that you, the user, implements standard security standards.

Your account security can be compromised by:
• Staff impersonation - pretending to be a staff member
• Trading/selling accounts - we do not allow users to sell/trade accounts
• Trading/selling currency/items - we do not allow users to sell/trade in game currencies/items for real life money including items/services outside of the LegendsMC network
• Scamming
• Phishing attempts - impersonating an individual or organisation
You can secure your account by:
• Using a strong password that contains letters, numbers and symbols.
• Having a unique password for the server
• Not using your account in public places where possible
• Our Forum
• Discord

Punishments: Permanent ban
Staff members will have distinct roles on the server, forum and discord

Staff roles:
• Trainee
• Helper
• Moderator
• Administrator
• Director

Never trust a player claiming to be a staff member without these tags.
If they are claiming to be staff please report them.

5) Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I am falsely muted/banned, help!
A: Appeal @

Q: Is holding my left click mouse to mine is allowed?
A: Yes you can, but you may not use auto-clicker.

Q: Is using auto-clicker allowed?
A: No, this includes using external software or hardware that gives you an advantage.

Q: My Logitech/Razer/etc mouse/keyboard has macro built-in, can I use it?
A: Sadly no, this is because it gives you an advantage against other players who use mouse/keyboard that doesn't have mentioned features. Some of the other games do not allow you to use it either.

Q: I have minimaps mod, what should I turn off?
A: Turn off features that give other players, mobs, items, caves, etc. locations. Using it for visual on top & waypoints is allowed.

Q: I have 2 accounts. I want to register more, what should I do?
A: Contact staff.

Q: What you mean by "Keep it to a minimum"?
A: You may only swear & use caps to express others about your own feeling.

Q: I have found a bug
A: Report @

Q: I want to report someone who broke the rule!
A: Report @
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