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LegendsMC Survival Guide
Welcome to our Survival server!

For starter, you need to collect resources, build structures & survive in general. We have economy system and additional custom contents to enhance the game play experience.

To start collecting resources and build, you need to get out of the safezone area which is about 300 blocks away from spawn. Easier way to do so is to click the globe on the spawn which teleport you anywhere around the world.
Complete “/quests” to receive rewards that helps you progress in the game. You can also purchase “/ranks” with in-game money to get more perks and benefits.

To protect your land, use Golden Shovel to select first and second point then type “/res create <name you want>”. You can also type “/res auto” to claim your land without using the Golden Shovel. Visitor & Citizen may only able to claim up to 20x20 size (To get more claim size, /ranks). For more command related to your land protection, type “/res”.
(If you lost your Golden Shovel, type “/kit claim” to get a new one)

You can create a Company using "/company create <name>" which will allow you access to jobs including their skills and quests. You can level up your company by completing /quests. 10% of the exp earned from completing quests will go to your company. use "/company rewards" to see what can be unlocked.
You can invite friends to your company using "/company invite <name>" and they can join using "/company accept <your company's name>".

Use "/company help" for more commands.

You can join a job using /job change. Jobs will give you a skill which is specific to that job. You can activate your skill by pressing the "f" (swap items in hand) key this can be disabled using "/job toggle". You can Unlock more skills by completing quests and gaining more job exp.

SlimeFun is a plugin we installed on the server which add a lot of custom contents to the server. SlimeFun guide can be accessed through /menu > SlimeFun.

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