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    Hey @AbgegrieftHD you can apply for the youtuber rank here -> legendsmc.net/apply

    Hey @AbgegrieftHD you can apply for the youtuber rank here -> legendsmc.net/apply
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    Hey @cryptin please join our discord for assistance with passwords -> https://discord.legendsmc.net
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    Two Factor Authentication Guide

    Enabling Two Factor Authentication Connect to the server (play.legendsmc.net) Type the command /2fa, you will receive a message similar to: Copy the key to a safe place, if you lose this key you will lose access to your account. Set up Google Authenticator On your device, install the...
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    Despawn (entity clearing?) countdown warning.

    You are correct, we do not have any scheduled entity clear nor have we ever had one on survival @joepoe1997 it is likely that the items are being removed because you have too many (not including stacked items) on the floor, if this is the case they are cleared earlier than the vanilla/normal period
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    Hey @iamniceithink what is your in-game name? It is likely that you are being kicked because...

    Hey @iamniceithink what is your in-game name? It is likely that you are being kicked because you are doing something you shouldn't and/or your connection to the server is not stable. If you are receiving the "you are already connected to the server" message wait a few minutes before...
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    Hey :D

    Hey :D
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    Jobs and Abilities.

    Hey @ben_z_13 @MatchSmatch We are reworking the job/ability system in a upcoming update to survival. To bring more quests and a better story line for quests. The current jobs/abilities are being used to test the system for bugs/issues. We have identified nearly all bugs and will be rolling out...
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    Plugins, Bugs and Frankly Annoying Things

    Hey @ben_z_13 thank you for the suggestions! We are already planning on adding most of the features that you have suggested and fixing all of the bugs with the upcoming update to survival. While we are still looking into it, unfortunately it seems that enabling the extra slimefun components is...
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    Important Survival Update Change Log | 22nd September

    Change Log: 1.16 The server will now natively support 1.16 including all of its features. For more information click here World expansion Enjoy a unique mining experience to survival by exploring the magnificent tunnels generated below the world in the brand new expansion worlds. You will be...
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    Skyblock Update | 16th August

    Ender Boss Release Date Introducing the largest update to date: New Ender Boss New Mine New Spawners Shulker Boxes Nether reset For more information check our change log -> https://legendsmc.net/changelog AVAILABLE 16TH AUGUST 2020
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    Application help

    Hey @SchnitzelPlays you have submitted it in the correct place. You can view your application here
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    Important Survival Update Sneak Peak - 1.16 NETHER UPDATE

    1.16 NETHER UPDATE Introducing the largest update to date: New Worlds 1.16 New jobs New Quests Nether + end reset & more For more information check out the change log COMING SOON TO SURVIVAL play.legendsmc.net
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    xp bottle command

    Hey @HayHay :) thanks for the suggestion! Sounds good, we will look into adding this.
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    Biome commands

    Hey @Oj_x thank you for the suggestion! Do you mean a biome finder command?
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    I need help please. Im totally new to minecraft multiplayer

    Hey @AndyE you need to register to the server. Please connect to the server and: You can do this using "/register <your password here>" And you will then be able to /login using the password you entered
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    Skyblock reset

    Hey @LarsBDW we have already started working on the reset however, it is not likely to happen for a while as we have to rework nearly every feature to incorporate new features and make sure that the server can handle high amounts of players without performance issues. From my message on discord...
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    Forum Suggestions

    Ah gotcha, we will look into adding a category for that. Thank you for responding :)
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    Ban appeal suggestion

    Hey @joepoe1997 thank you for the suggestion! We already have a section where players can appeal punishments. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns, we appreciate any feedback we are given and I respect you for giving yours. The punishments that are listed on the rules page...
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    Lucky Wheel

    We are planning on reworking crates to make them more interesting for everyone, currently the crates are more of a chore to open compared to them being rewarding as most of the rewards hardly affect veteran player's progress